Emmanuelle Léonard: A Judicial Perspective. Curated by Gaëlle Morel

September 9 - October 8, 2011
Saturday September 17: artist and curator in discussion at 2 pm
followed by a reception from 3 - 5pm

Aesthetic Reappropriation of Forensic Photography

In her most recent works, Montreal artist Emmanuelle Léonard explores forensic photography, and questions the value of proof, trace and information. Although her work focuses on representations of both real and symbolic violence, she excludes dramatic and sensationalist approaches. She probes the documentary and probationary values attributed to forensic photography images, anchoring her process in both the tradition of conceptual art and contemporary photography. Well aware of the applications and formal principles of photographic media in the judicial system, Léonard demonstrates the paradox between the aesthetic neutrality of the images and the brutality of the facts evoked in them.

Gallery 44
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 120
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8

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